Surveyor of the Past Recipients

Year Name Nominating Chapter
2019 Thomas M. “Mike” Besch Western Reserve Chapter
  David N. Halverstadt Thomas Hutchins Chapter
2018 Jack C. Tozzer Congress Lands Chapter
2017 Alfred L. Reid Miami Valley Chapter
  Ronald L. Roat Cincinnati Chapter
  George F. Seymour Scioto Valley Chapter
2015 John Circle Central Ohio Chapter
  William “Will” J. Dempsey Cleveland Chapter
  Steven “Larry” Gardner Ohio Valley Chapter
2014 Edward P. Gibbons Cleveland Chapter
  John C. Metzger Northwest Ohio Chapter
2013 Edward John Heyl and Joseph Heyl Cincinnati Chapter
  George Allen Shuster Treaty Lands Chapter
  George M. Carter Southwestern Chapter
2012 Jack A. Hamilton Ohio Valley Chapter
  Wilbur “Wib” H. Mechwart Central Ohio Chapter
2011 Ahaz Merchant Cleveland Chapter
2010 Myron T. Jones Central Ohio Chapter
2009 Robert E. Thompson Central Ohio Chapter
2008 John J. Cunning Mohican-Killbuck Valley Chapter
  William Albert Stinchcomb Cleveland Chapter
  Bernard “Tim” D. Westfall Askega Chapter
2007 Bryan Cox Tuscarawas Valley Chapter
  Cecil E. Neff, Sr. Miami Valley Chapter
2006 Larry W. Pennington Central Ohio Chapter
2005 James Eaton Central Ohio Chapter
2004 Raymod William Gasbarre Mohican-Killbuck Valley Chapter
  Col. James Kilbourne Central Ohio Chapter
  Charles J. Neff Cleveland Chapter
  Robert K. Wyss Congress Lands Chapter
2003 Thomas Worthington Central Ohio Chapter
2002 William J. Haas, Jr. Cleveland Chapter
  Rufus Putnam Treaty Lands Chapter
2001 Ebenezer Buckingham Central Ohio Chapter
2000 Howard R. Craig Treaty Lands Chapter
  Louis F. Mennitt Toledo Chapter
1999 Albert O. (A.O.) Myers, Jr. Central Ohio Chapter
  Carl F. Swartzbaugh Miami Valley Chapter
1998 Lucas Sullivant Central Ohio Chapter
1997 Augustus Porter Cleveland Chapter
1996 Newton E. Smith Northwest Ohio Chapter
1995 Washington Galloway Miami Valley chapter
1994 John Bever SCACES Chapter
  J. Henry Meyer Treaty Lands Chapter
1993 Samuel D. Henkle Cincinnati Chapter
  Thomas Hutchins Thomas Hutchins Chapter
  Francis A. Runkle Treaty Lands Chapter
1992 James E. House Treaty Lands Chapter
  Sherman T. Swigart Western Reserve Chapter
1991 John Mathews Central Ohio Chapter
1990 Gerald M. Barton Toledo Chapter
  Earl R. Peterson Cleveland Chapter
  Willard Orvin Weir Askega Chapter
1989 Walter W. Graf Central Ohio Chapter
  Ralph L. Woolpert Miami Valley Chapter
1988 Dan L. Dodson Treaty Lands Chapter
  Robert W. Freels Toledo Chapter
  Seth Pease Cleveland Chapter
1987 Thaleon Blake Treaty Lands Chapter
  Levi Davis Scioto Valley Chapter
  Forest E. Woody Mills Scioto Valley Chapter
  John V. Ruth Congress Lands Chapter
  Amos Spafford Cleveland Chapter
1986 Sol A. Bauer Cleveland Chapter
  Dumont T. Kingsley Western Reserve Chapter
  Nathaniel Massie Southwestern Chapter
1985 Houston Coates Cincinnati Chapter
  John A. Davis Congress Land Chapter
  George M. Garrett Cleveland Chapter
  James Watson Riley Treaty Lands Chapter
1984 Roscoe M. Rice SCACES Chapter
  Paul T. Sayler Cleveland Chapter
  Marcus Schuyler Treaty Lands Chapter
1983 Joseph Gest Cincinnati Chapter
  Hubert F. Helbert Northwest Ohio Chapter
1982 Israel Ludlow Treaty Lands Chapter
1981 Jedediah Cole Western Reserve Chapter
  Samuel Craig Treaty Lands Chapter
  Cyril W. Neff Cleveland Chapter
  William H. Pinkerton Cincinnati Chapter
  Christopher E. Sherman Central Ohio Chapter
  James Mackey Mahoning Valley Chapter
1980 Charles W. Root Cleveland Chapter
  James Crew Wonders Treaty Lands Chapter
  Frank L. Krause Cleveland Chapter
1979 Foster F. Wright Treaty Lands Chapter